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WEB Mail

The first Web Mail implementation was developed at CERN in 1993 as a test of the HTTP protocol stack. This led to the discovery that the specification of the POST method was faulty, requiring the introduction of the Content-Length header. The CERN-PTG daemon was released later that year but was not developed further. Up In the early days of the web, in 1994 and 1995, several people were working on enabling email to be accessed via a web browser.

In 1994, Bill Fitler, from USA began working on an implementation of web-based email as a Windows NT, and demonstrated it publicly at on January 24, 1995.

Early commercialization of webmail was also achieved when “Webex”—with no relation to the web conferencing company—began to be sold by Mankins’ company, DotShop, Inc., at the end of 1995. Within DotShop, “Webex” changed its name to “EMUmail”, which would be sold to companies like UPS and Rackspace until its sale to Accurev in 2001. EMUmail was one of the first applications to feature a free version that included embedded advertising as well as a licensed version that did not.

Hotmail and Four11’s RocketMail both launched in 1996 as free services and immediately became very popular.

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Linux Hosting future in Pakistan 2018

Linux Hosting future in Pakistan

Linux Hosting future is bright in Pakistan because of its speed, reliability,features plus it is user friendly.Linux hosting is becoming popular in small business sector and small sized business and companies who have small number of employee or big number of employee they get ful advantage of linux hosting and they can configure email in their tablet and mobile devices to be in touch with customers live 24 hours 365 days.Linux server is most reliable and easy to maintain and fullfill all hosting requirements from small to high level companies.You can send limited number of emails from domain email ids to all over the world in an hour through email client outlook or webmail.Huge Space hosting companies offering to their customers who want to send receive hundreds of emails in each mail box.WHM and C panel latest version making life easy of hosting users and hosting customers.USA based linux servers are reliable and VPS and dedicated servers are with remote access facility.WHM provides you excessive features to create hosting accounts for your customers and you can set disk space and bandwidth limit for each hosted domain name and you can branded to your WHM and C panel to ut your logo.You can host static html website or word press portfolio website plus dynamic and online shipping stores on linux server and start your business online.Technical Support is marvelous of linux shared hosting and dedicated server and you can feel relax in your office and home while using linux hosting services.

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is linux Server Hosting is best or Windows for Shopping Website?

Linux or Windows Hosting

There is some difference in terms of processing speed between the two web hosting platforms. However Linux is slightly faster in processing basic web pages.

Linux holds a slight edge due to the fact that the most of the software licenses are open source and it is easier to maintain Linux servers as compared to Windows® servers for the same level of reliability and performance. Unless you specifically plan to use Windows®  platform specific features for example, it probably makes sense to choose the Linux platform.

Linux is an excellent operating system that is well suited to meet your web hosting needs. Additionally, there are a huge amount of free applications available on the Internet for Linux and it uses less hardware resources than Windows . Whether you are a fairly experienced webmaster or new to web hosting, it is recommended that you choose Linux as your hosting platform.

We understand that you may either prefer PHP or ASP/ Therefore we support both Windows and Linux.

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