web hosting services on USA based linux server with email addresses

web hosting plans karachi pakistan

Payandgo is reliable ,old and trusted expert web hosting company

We provide web hosting services on affordable price with latest version of Cpanel with full features to control your hosting account and website uploading smoothly.

Linux is very fast and reliable platform now for web hosting and Cpanel make it more easy to get rid of traditional old hosting platform like windows hosting which is slow and not reliable platform and most of the time hackers attack on it as compared to linux hosting which is speedy and on SSD so its faster and easy to manage your hosting account,

from ftp you can upload your website easily any time any where 24 hours 365 days and by using cute ftp or file zilla software which are best to use ftp services and uploading of and downloading of website files

Email ids give relaxation to users to send and receive emails in house or out bound you can use outlook platform to download your emails from server any time and to keep backup of your important emails data.

you can check your email by webmail link also easily if you are not on your pc or laptop and out door or abroad far away from your laptop and office but webmail enable you to stay connect with your important emails to see and reply them instantly to vendors and customers.

payandgo provides technical support to customers incase if they have any issue you can contact us on email and skype easily to get support on phone and through anydesk.

please contact us for web hosting plans and domain registration .com.pk and .com top level domain TLDs

Email:  payngo@gmail.com