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The first Web Mail implementation was developed at CERN in 1993 as a test of the HTTP protocol stack. This led to the discovery that the specification of the POST method was faulty, requiring the introduction of the Content-Length header. The CERN-PTG daemon was released later that year but was not developed further. Up In the early days of the web, in 1994 and 1995, several people were working on enabling email to be accessed via a web browser.

In 1994, Bill Fitler, from USA began working on an implementation of web-based email as a Windows NT, and demonstrated it publicly at on January 24, 1995.

Early commercialization of webmail was also achieved when “Webex”—with no relation to the web conferencing company—began to be sold by Mankins’ company, DotShop, Inc., at the end of 1995. Within DotShop, “Webex” changed its name to “EMUmail”, which would be sold to companies like UPS and Rackspace until its sale to Accurev in 2001. EMUmail was one of the first applications to feature a free version that included embedded advertising as well as a licensed version that did not.

Hotmail and Four11’s RocketMail both launched in 1996 as free services and immediately became very popular.

Choosing the Best Host for Windows or Linux Web Hosting for your website

Choosing the Best Host for Windows or Linux Web Hosting

Every user is different. Some people never expect to need more than a single domain running on a small hosting plan with a simple five-page HTML/CSS website. These folks are often best served by a host that offers little disk space and

data center USA
Hosting Data Center USA

bandwidth but highly automated tools and a support team that will hold their hands through the initial setup.

Other users might require a highly technical support team that can help them scale up rapidly as their demand for additional resources grows. These customers will need to carefully review and interview their web hosts to ensure they are up to the task and can provide extended support.

The key thing in all of this is to go into your search knowing exactly what you are looking for. Identify what means the most to you and define your budget. Know the tools you intend to use and be prepared to ask the hard questions. Finding what you want the first time will save you the trouble of needing to migrate later. More importantly, identifying what you need ahead of time could save your customers frustration.

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