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Terms of Use

Note 1: 
By signup Pay and Go Plans you are agreed to follow standards and our company policy especially terms of use.
Ask users dont type wrong password more than 2 times otherwise your network ip will block on server and all users of same network will not be able to access emails and ip will take time to delist .you will need to contact ,me for ip delisting.incase
Dont type wrong passwords to access email id or ftp more than 2 times to avoid network ip / pc ip blocking.if, any user will type wrong password 2 times then 3rd time ip will get block and all users which are on same ISP and network access will get block until you call us to unblock your IP

Our admin will assist.IP unblocking which takes time so,be careful always.  make sure all email users should type correct password while checking email in outlook or webmail 

you can save password in outlook to avoid mis typing.but dont save password in chrome browser or any browser when it asks as it gets hack.
To avoid hacking,attack,viruses on account keep your pc/laptop/devoces upto date by anti virus latest version and definition 
scan pc/laptop weekly for safe side.
keep strong password and change it time to time to keep away from hackers.
Dont save password in browser if,it asks just ignore or cancel it,

please use strong password in upper lower case alpha numeric symbol based and change it time to time as it is necessary for account security.
Ask users to keep update antivirus on pc/laptop like for windows 7 use security essential and for windows 10 install defender they are windows own anti virus softwares to protect pc
Scan pc weekly from latest anti virus definition to avoid hacking and attacks.
keep update your softwares /3rd party scripts versions on website to be protected from hacker or virus attacks
upload data on your website (images,text etc) from clean and anti virus protected pc/laptop/tab and scan data from updated anti virus definition before uploading it and ask your developer/ designer to measure and apply strong and proper security on your website to protect website from viruses, attacks and hacking. keep backup always offline weekly or monthly and make it habit or ask your designer developer to do it for u weekly or monthly basis depends on your work and data uploading volume. pay him money for keeping and taking backups.
keeping backup is customer’s responsibility fully and hosting company or its staff is not responsible for data loss, hacking, data corruption, old scripts, attacks, injections and viruses etc.
Note 2:  
Hosting fee is not refundable or transferable in any manner
if you are using wordpress then keep update to wordpress version, scripts, plugins,  databases etc to protect account from hacking and technical issues.
We are not responsible for email id account configuration on mobile,  laptop, cell phone. Ask your mobile service provider for mail setting as different devices have different settings.
Keep secure your pc / device from which you will update your website data as if it is not protected then website, database or email id in outlook may hack or compromised.
use Licensed Anti virus software which is essential for windows 7, windows 10, 11  windows own anti virus software is best.

keep update antivirus time to time and scan your laptop/tab/pc weekly with updated definition to be protected.
dont send spam mails or bulk emails from domain email ids as it is not allowed in any manner and account will get suspend without any notice 
fair usage hosting policy apply* you will have to follow hosting policy.
Any illegal activity or copyright protected material usage or any illegal activity which is harmful for server and against hosting policy is not allowed and acccount will get suspend without prior notice and we will not responsible for any dataloss or any business damages..The activity which is harmful for other hosted accounts on server (as this shared server ) not allowed and account will get suspend without any prior,you should take care of everything because you are solely responsible for your hosting account.
please pay renewal fee before expiry date on time to keep alive to your services and account.if we dont get payment on time then account will get expire.
This is your own responsibility to Download your emails into Microsoft outlook daily (strongly recommended) as webmail is temporary place to check emails.
To avoid any hassle always use Microsfot outlook to download emails and to keep backup of important emails offline in pc/laptop
We are not responsible for your business damages due to service problem or email delay or delay in support or service or any server issue or delays etc.
Pay and Go Hosting company and its staff is not responsible for website or email hacking, data corruption, data missing, data loss, attacks,viruses in account, email missing or data corruption or service problem or delay in resolving issues or worm /viruses issues in your account or data loss due to any mishap or server/hdd failure.
you are fully responsible to keep full backup of website ,databases, email etc each n everything and take it time to time depends on your volume of work and save backup offline on 2 or 3 places for safe side.
Backup is very important and strongly recommended.
Download emails daily into Microsoft outlook for backup.

keep website files and databases backup offline and take it time to time depends on your volume of work and traffic.
taking backup depends on your website frequency and activity or nature of business. whether take weekly or monthly backup you have to take backup at your own or by your developer/designer if you are in contract with him and save backup offline with databases in 2 or 3 places in your pc /USB /External HDD to avoid any problem any time due to server failure, data loss or website hacking etc. if,you will have backup then it can be restore to get back your website functional.
We are not responsible for taking or keeping backup in any manner and no claim regarding that will be acceptable.
Always upload download data on website through protected and secure pcs /device to avoid any hacking, virus attack and technical problems. donot use public pcs or insecure pcs/devices for data uploading /downloading  and scan data before uploading and after downloading from latest and licensed Antivirus application to be protected.
always use strong passwords (Upper case, alpha, numeric, symbol) in all places and donot share your password with strangers and change it time to time. dont use easy passwords which are accessible to hack or compromise your account.
Incase your website site takes unnecessary load to open on server or perform unnatural or against to shared hosting environment due to any technical,3rd party scripting, outdated plugins or your developer fault then shared server environment is not suitable and you will have to move on VPS to bear heavy traffic load.if your website has severe problem we found then to protect server and other accounts we will suspend the account to save server and other hosted accounts  and you will have to buy VPS  ( Virtual PVT server)  to shift and run your account there and will have to pay its fee according to package to run website faster and smoothly in its deserved environment.

heavy traffic and visitors websites are not suitable for shared hosting server and you will have to rent a VPS Plan to shift and run your heavy traffic website and emails smoothly as heavy traffic websites create problem on shared server which have limited resources and standards.  
We donot support for your local network issue, local ISP / PC / Laptop /Netowork /Software /Hardware issues.We donot provide on site support to clients.
Technical Support timings :
Mon to Fri from 10 am to 5 pm
(on phone and email except public holidays,strikes,city bad situation,un availabity of staff ,urban flood,raining,internet issues ,pc problems etc) 
support query may takes long time as it depends on nature of problem
Any additional service / resource / technical support, will be billed separately
Incase dollar exchange rates difference occurs or any taxes increase or C panel license fee /Server maintenance fee get change or any other expenses / operational expenses / domain hosting prices increases then pay and go reserves full rights to modify price and plans without any notice to cover difference to avoid loss.


Domain and Web hosting Fees:

Domain and Hosting fees is not refundable, adjustable or transferable in any condition.
Pay and Go reserves the rights, to change the prices without any prior notice to clients or can ask for any additional amount upon renewal of package in case any change appears due to dollar exchange rates , licensing fees,in tax or any change in management and operational expenses.

Domain and Web Hosting subscribed clients donot have any rights to take objection for any additional cost received by pay and go.



Backup Policy for active accounts

Backups are generated on our servers weekly in courtesy as we are not charging any backup fees from clients in any hosting plans . However each customer is advised to generate backup of his /her account at his/her own or by his/her I.T person and keep backup in your PC or Laptop on 3 different places to avoid any data loss.

Backup service for large websites (more than 5 GB) or for resellers is not available even in courtesy,

Backup Restoration charges are PK Rs.5,000/- will be charged if your desired backup will be available in courtesy weekly backup.

Backup policy for suspended or terminated accounts

Backup cannot be generated for any account in suspension mode (due to any reason).

According to cPanel license policy accounts will get terminated after maximum 3 days of expiry from server.

Pay and Go is not responsible to provide backup of accounts that are terminated, suspended or are overdue on billing.

Cost of backups (if available) for accounts that are overdue on billing is PK Rs. 5,000.

General Backup policy

Backup restoration time is 48 hours maximum & only last backup can be restored which was generated on server.

Pay and Go and its whole staff is not responsible for any data loss, time loss, income loss, your business damages due to delay in service or response , error, human mistakes, defective or corrupted files in our backup or missing files in our backup. We always advised all of our customers to take their backups at their own or by any I.T expert for safe side to avoid any hassle.

Payment paid for backups in not refundable in any condition.

Pay and Go is not responsible for any data loss, business loss due to server regular or special maintenance, hardware, software failure, internet issues, or unavailability of staff.

Bad Manners:

Please behave with our staff softly gently as they are here to resolve your issues if, issues are related to our side.

Incase of bad behaviour or abusive language with our staff by clients we would immediately terminate services /plans of customer and no refund will be made.


Any new order will only be executed when invoice of that particular order will be paid by customer on time. If a customer do not pay the invoice for any service which has already been taken, then pay and go has the right to suspend all services of that customer.

Domain and hosting can only be renewed with in 2 weeks incase of expiry. after that hosting will be deleted from our server.

Renewal of hosting after 2 weeks of expiry will also include Backup Restoration charges i.e., Rs.5000/- except plan fees. We could restore only last backup which was generator on server. We are not responsible for any data loss, time loss, income loss, business damages, etc or due to defective backup or missing backup.


Bulk Email

Sending over 10 emails at once will be considered as bulk email or spamming which is not allowed on server in any condition or sending same subjects emails or promotion emails after every few seconds whether less than 10 emails are also considered as bulk emailing or spamming.

If any account found sending bulk email or spam mails then that account will be suspended without any prior notice & only on request of owner it will be un-suspended. If spamming from same account happens 2nd time then account will be terminated from server and no backup or refund or claim will be acceptable by customer in such case and we will not support.

Chat Scripts:

Chat / IRC scripts are not allowed on shared hosting plans. However external chat scripts like zopim is allowed. Any Files are not allowed to store on hosting server which might put bad impact on server performance or create issues for other hosted accounts



Always download your emails in Microsoft outlook. You can check your emails through webmail link also but it is a temporarily place to store email. We are not responsible for any email data loss or missing.


Fair Usage Policy:

All hosting plans are allowed on fair usage policy mean customers have to follow web hosting standards and company policy without any objection.

Message Forum:

CGI based message forums are not allowed. Please use a PHP message forum.

Password Protected Directories:

Password protected directories containing illegal activities are strictly not allowed. If,we found any Customers using such type of directories or doing any illegal activity then we will immediately suspend your account without any prior notice and no refund will be made and pay and go and its staff will not be responsible for any loss.


pornography (in any manner) is not allowed. If found then that account will get suspend immediately without any prior notice and no refund will be made and no responsibility we will accept of customer business damages or data loss.

Prohibited File Types:

CPU intensive files are not permitted on our server and accounts may not to be used to host a collection of files like mp3s, audios, videos, anime, .rar , ZIP, .RAR, .GZIP, .MP3, .AVI, .WAV, .DOC, .PSD, .AI, .EPS, .TGA, .TIF, Warez, gamers sites, shout cast and similar, or to backup your computer or another source. They may not be used for general storage of any type.



Spamming (sending unsolicited email) or bulk emailing are not allowed. If any account found doing such activity then pay and go reserves the rights to suspend that account without any notification.

If any account on consistent basis found doing spamming deliberately or because of hacking then pay and go reserves the rights to terminate such account without any notification to keep safe other hosted accounts and server as spamming is illegal.


We donot provide onsite support to any customer neither we are responsible to resolve your PC /Laptop /Tab /Cell phone software and hardware isuses or internet problems.
Visit Charges Rs.1000 pkr will apply incase we visit your place to configure your email id in Microsoft outlook or teach you anything of Cpanel to manage hosting account.

Premium support on Anydesk or Team Viewer can only be provided in very special case or on nature of issue.

Pay and Go is not responsible to provide support to clients of any of our reseller. Only Reseller will get support from us directly incase of any issues.

Our technical support staff is available on phone, email, WhatsApp, Skype etc. only from 10 AM to 5 PM PST From Mon to Friday (Except Holidays)

Incase of server outrage or regular maintenance we will try our best to inform you by email or Whatsapp as soon as we get updates from data center.

Webcam Applications :

Webcam applications are not allowed on shared hosting plans.



You are solely responsible for your all content  published on website and emails.All services provided by us may be used for lawful purposes only. Use of our services to infringe upon any copyright or trademark is prohibited. We are not responsible for any copyright protected material or copyright protected image/video/content used in customers website or  portal or incase someone claim any content which is copyright protected. Any material that, in our judgment, is obscene or threatening is prohibited and will be removed from our servers with or without prior notice. Streaming media, audio, video, auto surf sites, auto refresh sites, top sites script, gaming sites and shout cast can be a drain on web server resources and as such is not allowed. Shared Hosting may not be used as download mirrors, download/upload portals, HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs), Ponzi schemes or pyramid schemes. They may not be used to provide proxy servers. Pay and Go is not responsible for any claims resulting from the use of our service. We are not responsible for any damages your business may suffer. We make no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied for any services. This includes loss of data resulting from delays, backups of website and database, emails backup, non-deliveries, wrong delivery, and any and all service interruptions regardless of cause. We reserve the right to revise, amend, or modify these terms and conditions without any notice.. If any terms or conditions are failed to be followed then the account in question will be automatically deactivated from server.

We are sure you will always cooperate with us in good manner as valued  customer and will enjoy our services and support.
Thank you
Pay and Go