Terms of Use

We have Linux based Server with C panel.
By signingup payandgo domain hosting website services you are agreed to follow our policy and terms of use.
Ask users dont type wrong password more than 2 times otherwise your network ip will block on server and all users of same network will not be able to access emails and ip will take time to delist .you will need to contact ,me for ip delisting.incase
Ask users to keep update antivirus like for windows 7 security essential and for windows 10 defender they are windows own anti virus softwares to protect pc
Scan pc weekly to avoid any hassle from latest anti virus definition.
keep update your softwares on pc /devices to be protected from hacker ot virus attack
Hosting fee is not refundable or transferable in any manner
if you are using wordpress then keep update to wordpress versions,scripts,databases etc all things to be far from hacking and technical issues.
We are not responsible for email id account configuration on mobile or cell phone set. Ask mobile service provider as different devices have different settings.
Keep secure your pc / device from which you will update your website data as if it is not protected then website,database or email id in outlook may hack or compromised.
use anti virus windows essential for windows 7 and defender for windows 10 as they are windows own anti virus softwares.Get licensed softwares for pcs
keep update antivirus time to time and scan pc weekly with updated definition to be protected.
dont send spam mails or bulk emails from domain email ids as it is not allowed and account will get suspend without any notice
fair usage hosting policy apply* you will have to follow hosting policy.
Any illegal activity or such activity which becomes harmful for server or for other hosting accounts on server (as this shared server ) not allowed and account will get suspend without any prior notice.so,you should take care of everything and you are solely responsible for your hosting account.
please pay renewal fee before expiry date to keep alive to your services and account.
This is your own responsibility to Download your emails into outlook daily (strongly recommended) as webmail is temporary place to check emails
To avoid any hassle always use outlook to keep backup of important emails offline
We are not responsible for your business damages due to service problem or email delay or delay in support or due to any server issue etc.
Hosting company or staff is not responsible for website or email hacking,data corruption,data missing,email missing,any data email corruption or service problem or delay in resolving issue or worm /viruses in your account or data loss due to any mishap or server/hdd failure.

you are fully responsible to keep full backup of website ,databases,email etc each n everything and take it time to time depends on volume of work and save backup offline on 3 places for safe side.

Backup is very important and strongly recommended.


Download emails daily into outlook for backup.
taking backup depends on your website activity or nature.whether take weekly or monthly backup you have to take backup at your own or by your developer/designer if you are in contract with him and save backup offline with databases in 2 or 3 places in your pc /USB /External HDD to avoid any problem any time due to server failure,data loss or website hacking etc.if,you have backup then it can be restore to get back your website alive to normal.
Always upload download data on website through protected and secure pcs /device to avoid any hacking,virus attack and technical problems.
always use strong passwords ( alpha ,numeric,symbol) for all places and donot share your password with strangers.

Incase your website site takes unnecessary load on server or perform unnatural due to any technical ,scripting or developer fault or if,not suitable for shared server environment due to heavy traffic load and creates severe problem on server  then to protect server and other accounts we will suspend the account to save server and other hosted accounts on server and you will have to buy VPS to shift your account there and will have to pay its fee accordingly to run it smoothly in deserved environment.

For heavy traffic and visitors shared server is not suitable and you will have to rent a VPS to shift and run your heavy traffic website and emails smoothly as heavy traffic websites create problem on shared server which have limited resources and all hosted  accounts shared resources of same server

We donot support for your local network issue,local ISP issue or your pc / device issues or software issues.We donot provide on site support.

Support timings are Mon to Sat from 10 am to 5 pm

( except public holidays,strikes,city bad situation,un availabity of staff etc) on phone and email.

support query may takes long time as it depends on nature of problem
Any additional service / respurce / technical support, will be billed separetly
Incase dollar exchange rates difference occurs or any taxes increase or C panel license fee /Server maintenance fee or any other expenses / operational expenses / domain hosting prices increase then package price will subject  to change to cover difference.
We are sure you will always cooperate with us as good customer and enjoy good services.
Thank you